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How to use Cmake with Qt Creator for Building C++ programs - Learn Online

How to install cmake on ubuntu linux
Using CMake to Build Qt Projects ubuntu
c++ Using Cmake with Qt Creator ubuntu linux
c++ cmake does not find qt 5.1.1 ubuntu
c++ Error while building custom Qt library with CMake
Qt Creator, CMake and C++/Qt
Using CMake to build a Qt application
"Hello World !" using Qt with CMake
Configuring CMake for QT development


  1. LetTheWritersWrite1 March 2017 at 15:38

    what do you do when you already have files from a repository you pulled that was using QT and cmake? I couldn't build it. just a lot of errors

  2. Pedram Maelstorm1 March 2017 at 15:38

    English with Hindi accent kills me

  3. HEllo, nice video, but maybe you should make an update for that. How does it works with the qt creatror and roslaunch, there are still issues. Can you make a video to this or shortly explain it here, pls. Also the difference between attach to running application, unstarted apllication Thanks!

  4. Qt is a set of libraries. Code::Blocks is just another code editor like Qt Creator and it does not have its own compiler but just an integration for a bunch of those such as GCC, Clang (I do believe still not integrated in Qt Creator but I'm using a pretty old 2.5.0 version from Debain Wheezy's repos so the latest may do that), Visual C++, MinGW, Intel C++ compiler etc. Support for other compilers and languages can be added via the plug-in system of Code::Blocks. The same goes for debugging - under the hull an editor simply calls the routines of a specified debugger (in case of Qt Creator this is GDB) and offers a more user-friendly interaction although usually this comes at the cost of hidden features that are available only through tweaking of various configuration files and additional parameters in the terminal none of which are available directly through the editor's interface. Actually as far as I can see from the features list of Code::Blocks it does offer an interface to the same debugger Qt Creator uses - GDB. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. If you want to use CMake in Code::Blocks you have to have it on your system. As for the Qt part Code::Blocks too requires a GUI toolkit, which in this case is not Qt but wxWidgets so you have to have the runtime libraries for this toolkit in order to be able to run it. ;)

  5. Good but i think codeblock is better it had his own compiler so u dont have to install cmake and qt regards

  6. good video, i have learned. thank you.

  7. Please , i need your help , i have installed QtCreator & Cmake ( Cmake is present in the usr/bin folder ) but when i open Qtcreator , i can't find "Plain C++ Project ( Cmake Build ) " only the standard "Plain C++ Project" , i don't know what is the problem , or how i could add these project template manually to QtCreator. Also when i go into the "Tools==>Options==> Build & Run" menu , i can't find a Cmake column , only default Qt Compiler & GCC * ...
    Please , i f somebody can help me :)

  8. Henri de Feraudy1 March 2017 at 15:38

    I'm using Xubunttu, version 14.04, it seems, and I do not get the step that appears at 5:58, but I do get a CMakeLists.txt file in my project.

  9. Ahm, the video's goal is to show how to setup a project with CMake in Qt Creator not how to use CMake or write code in C/C++. :-3 And it does accomplish that. Once you setup your CMake project in Qt Creator the rest is pure CMake and C/C++ so you should look at the CMake documention, CMake tutorials online and accordingly learn C/C++ if you are not familiar with it. Qt is just a bunch of libraries and if you want to use CMake with Qt C++ you simply have to link those in your CMakeLists.txt file. The only thing that the author of this video missed is to mention that adding additional files does not include those in the project tree automatically and you have to edit the CMakeLists file (add manually each file, add a whole directory with all files in it etc. etc.) and run CMake from Qt Creator. Otherwise the files will not show up. This is of course typical CMake behaviour (not relevant to Qt Creator) but might not be so obvious to people who do that for the first time.

  10. Wayy too basic. Maybe actually having some QT code in the main.cpp would be useful. Everyone should know how to make a hello world print statement program....

  11. +zzZMrWangZzz It creates a Debug build so that you can debug the program (e.g. by using gdb). If you select Release build then you won't be able to debug it easily.

  12. can anybody explain what the argument "-DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug" means? what are the consequences if i don't add it? (I tried myself on Generator: UNIX Generator(GCC(x86 64bit)) and didnt notice any difference

  13. Prasad Nijsure1 March 2017 at 15:38

    you made the cmakelists.txt or it was already existing?

  14. So what screen recorder you use?

  15. thanks man, much appreciated advices.


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