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SEO karachi & website design karachi & web development

Information Technology Inc. is serving the community since 2007. With offices in Pakistan, we have the best Information Technology  Professionals who understand your business needs. We specialize in providing:
Website Development, Design, e-Services, Web Maintenance and Online Marketing.....


Website Development Solutions:

All our solutions are built in state-of-the-art technologies. We are proud to claim that we are "The Best" in HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Ajax, mySQL and Flash....

Design Solutions:

Complete Corporate Portfolio: Logo, Profile, Business Card, Letterhead, Flyer, Billboard, Brochure, Postcard, Sticker, Folder and CD Presentation, e-Services:
Domain Name Registration
Virtual Dedicated Servers
Dedicated Servers
SSL Certificate
Company E-mail Accounts
Fax thru Email
Dedicated IP Address for your website

Online Marketing:

Search Engine Optimization – SEO
Search Engine Marketing – SEM
Search Engine Submission
Directory Submission
Search Keywords
AdWords – Your ad on Google
AdSense – You earn through ads placed on your website
Link Exchange

Web Maintenance:

Website Maintenance
Website and Database Backup
Website Updates....


Our portfolio includes clients that have allowed us to represent them and
display their names. Please note that some clients have not been listed
because of privacy concerns....

Current Development: – An Hostrings (Pvt) Ltd., the biggest fastest growing Pakistan's No. 1 (International standard) B2B Marketing & Advertising Agency offers Online marketing and advertising for manufacturers and suppliers. Globally connecting cooperate dealers and authentic buyers ane sellers. Hostrings also offers cooperate event management and dynamic brand boost strategic ideas. Brand activation and creative complete packaging design for company's and cooperate houses.....

mob: +923332381098 Muhammad Farhan

Office Address:
Flat no, F8, North view appt Sec 7d/1, North Karachi - 75850


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