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Be a Part of the Mobile Applications Boom

Mobile Applications offering a multitude of utilities are thriving in the marketplace today

Mobile applications have helped to expand the use of wireless technology immensely.  Applications have revolutionized the capabilities of the mobile phone, to include a variety of functions, including internet browsing, movie players, games, music and much more.  The dramatic increase in mobile application sales has also increased competition in the industry.  With ever changing technology and increased demand for more advanced applications, innovation in the field is key to success.
Mobile applications can increase the reach of your business, bringing more traffic to your website.  Mobile application software can also improve the productivity of businesses, providing applications such as spreadsheets, interactive calendars, calculators and more.  End-to-end mobile/wireless solutions can include content delivery systems for mobile devices that can publish a range of information valuable for businesses.  Mobile applications are available for endless uses, such as:
  • Managing everyday to-do lists and check lists for shopping, travel, and more
  • Delivering real time and instant information on topics such as weather, news, stock quotes, company headlines, market news, dictionaries and more
  • Translation services that convert the written word into the audible pronunciation
  • Business and Social Networking
  • Video Conferences
  • Organizing, saving and encrypting your various user names and passwords
  • Keeping track of monthly bills
  • Managing your checkbook and everyday financial transactions efficiently
  • Interactively obtaining medical and fitness information, and more
Mobile banking provides intelligent use of technology for the financial industry, as it reduces expenses for banks. Mobile banking applications are more cost effective than operating tele-banking facilities. Additionally, mobile banking improves the quality and timeliness of customer service. With the introduction of smart phones, the popularity of mobile banking services continues to increase. The smartphone market has shown itself to be so popular that it is recession resistant. Its enormous success has increased the popularity of applications designed for many uses, such as:
A mobile application developer can even create a unique, custom application for your business that is capable of becoming the next top application embraced by mobile users.  A professional mobile application software development firm specializing in developing applications for mobile and wireless devices can isolate components in an application that may impede development, and provide thorough testing and solutions.  Creating a cutting edge mobile phone application is within the reach of your organization, with the help of a firm that has expertise in mobile application development platforms such as:
  • iPhone Mobile Applications - Companies are developing iPhone applications that are being used by thousands of consumers varying from enterprise users to mass consumers.
  • Android Mobile Applications - Google Android offers popular software for mobile devices that consist of an operating system, middleware and key applications.
  • J2ME Mobile Applications - J2ME is a JAVA platform that creates powerful applications with the ability to process large amounts of information. 
  • Windows Mobile Applications - Development includes platforms such as windows mobile 2003, windows mobile 2003/SE, Windows mobile 5.0, Window mobile 6, Window mobile 6.1, Windows CE, Pocket PC 2002, 2003, and Net Compact Framework.
A mobile phone application must be user-friendly, useful and secure in order to attract a following and help ensure that the competition does not introduce its' own perfected version of your idea. A reputable web application development company that specializes in software application development can develop mobile applications to integrate your business transactions through mobile or wireless devices and content delivered systems. A mobile application developer with a solid background in project analysis, documentation, test planning, and project maintenance can help you on the way to your creating revolutionary mobile applications.
Hostrings Corporation has an expert team of developers with broad experience creating affordable, custom solutions in mobile application development.  Hostrings can provide the complete spectrum of mobile applications services, from primary design and architecture to development and integration into existing systems.  Hostrings can create a custom solution to your mobile applications needs, using all of the popular platforms such as Symbian, Windows Mobile Application, iPhone, J2ME and more.
Hostrings is an internet business consulting agency that is passionate about creating innovative  solutions for end users.  Hostrings’s mission is to provide customized and usable solutions to the client, by maximizing the return on investment.  Hostrings’s business insight, years of experience, and unparalleled expertise in the latest technology is capable of delivering sophisticated solutions.  Hostrings is the affordable and professional means for gaining greater recognition in today's highly competitive marketplace.
Hostrings provides a complete range of technology solutions, including Mobile Applications, Web Design Solutions, Ecommerce Website Solutions, Web-based System Consulting, Online Marketing, Corporate Graphic Design, Web-based Content Management Systems, Organic SEO and PPC Management and more.  The extended service area adds Portal Development Services, Advanced Web Application Development, Advanced Portal Architecture Design, Scalability Solutions, Advanced Web Portal Programming and Legacy Service Integrations, Multi-tier Web Applications, Multi-language/Multi-location Content Management Systems, and many other web solutions.


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