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Fastest Supercomputer, China Outpaces U.S.

Supercomputers help build nuclear weapons, design aerospace engines, and produce lifesaving drugs. For years, the U.S. had the best and biggest arsenal. Until China got in the game. 

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is one of the great symbols of America’s scientific and military prowess. For six decades, here on this tranquil campus tucked away in the hill country east of San Francisco, where scientists stroll along leafy paths and zip to meetings on bicycles, huge breakthroughs have been made, like the discovery of a half-dozen elements on the periodic table and the detection of a key component of dark matter.

Livermore’s biggest claim to fame involves designing the world’s most advanced nuclear warheads—this was the mission of the lab when it was created in 1952 by Edward Teller, father of the hydrogen bomb. To do this, Livermore relies on powerful machines called supercomputers, which hum away inside top-secret, heavily guarded buildings. The U.S. has long dominated the industry. Which is what made the news that Bruce Goodwin, head of the lab’s weapons program, received last November all the more momentous: the Chinese had unveiled the world’s most powerful supercomputer, a machine five times more powerful than Livermore’s biggest computer.
To most of us, this might sound like no big deal, akin to Apple coming out with a faster smartphone than Microsoft. But to the scientists, industry titans, and world leaders who understand how delicate America’s position as a global superpower really is, this was a Sputnik moment. Only this time, it wasn’t Russia trouncing the U.S. in the space race, but China surging ahead in one of the most vital areas of national security. By running thousands of processors in parallel, supercomputers not only help design weapons systems, they also model climate change, crack codes, and help develop new and life-changing drugs. Cranking out 500 trillion operations per second, just one of Livermore’s supercomputers throws off so much heat that if the air-conditioning system were to fail, the computer would start to melt within minutes.
            The Tianhe-1A supercomputer in Tianjin, China., Wei ta / Imaginechina-Corbis
Globally, high-performance computing is a $25.6 billion industry, and whoever holds the lead in the field gains huge economic and military advantages. Or put another way, if the U.S. falls behind in supercomputing it could quickly lose its edge in all areas of science, in industries like oil and gas exploration and pharmaceutical research, and in security and military fields. In the race to develop the most powerful computers, both our economic prosperity and our national security are on the line.
When China flipped the switch on the Tianhe-1A, also called the "Milky Way" supercomputer, last fall, it placed itself at the top of the technology world with a stunning demonstration of its newfound engineering prowess. The Chinese grip on the top spot turned out to be short-lived, since six months later, a team in Japan announced an even bigger supercomputer that bumped Tianhe-1A into second place. Nevertheless, the Chinese had made their point, demonstrating to the world that when it comes to developing the newest, biggest, fastest machines, the inconvenient truth is that China, our No. 1 military and political rival, now runs neck and neck with the U.S. in a field that for decades the U.S. dominated. Experts predict China will soon leapfrog Japan again. Already, it has 74 of the 500 biggest supercomputers in the world, up from zero a decade ago and second only to the U.S., which has 263. And while the U.S. struggles to fund new development, China seems to have limitless resources to pursue its ambitious goals. 'We’re scared," says Dona Crawford, who runs computing at Livermore. "This technology is fundamental for our national security, and for our economic competitiveness. Are we really going to let this slip away? Yeah, we’re scared."
But they’re not bowing out. The Livermore team is now designing an enormous new supercomputer that will yoke together more than a million microprocessors and produce eight times the power of the Tianhe-1A. Built by IBM and code-named Sequoia, it’s scheduled to be completed by the end of 2012. The official cost of the project is undisclosed, but it certainly will soar into the hundreds of millions of dollars, with Livermore putting up $200 million and IBM contributing untold millions more. It’s a huge and risky bet, even more so in these perilous economic times.
China’s emergence as a supercomputing superpower should not have come as a surprise. They’ve been talking about this for 20 years. ÒIt’s just that nobody believed them," says Wu Feng, a professor of computer science at Virginia Tech. "Now it’s like a freight train. It’s coming on so fast, and a lot of people are worried."

Contextual Design and Development is the Driving Force Behind all Successful Mobile Applications

The time of ordinary custom web application design & development is long gone. Today the focus is on contextual design and development. It is the rise in the popularity of mobile applications that has provided the impetus for giving importance to ‘context’ when it comes to app or web development.

Let’s focus our attention on mobile applications and why mobile applications need to be developed keeping the context in mind.

Because they are used in diverse locations

Let’s face it. We all love mobile apps because they can be used just about anywhere and at any given point of time. Yes, that’s right, they can be used in offices, on a train, in the kitchen, movie theatre and the list just goes on. So, the app needs to be developed in context of the location. Different users have different needs when it comes to a mobile app and these needs, in part, are determined by their location. For e.g. if a developer thinks a particular app that is in the process of being developed will only be used when a user is commuting, it can be configured accordingly.

Because they are used when the user is moving

Yes, movement is yet another contextual parameter when it comes to the design and development of a mobile app. Most mobile users will use their mobile devices on the move as compared to using them when they are stationary. Here again the difference in need determines the design and development of the mobile app.  During locomotion a particular mobile user might only be using one hand to operate the device because their other hand is engaged in some other activity. For example, during lunch time, many people operate their mobile device with just one hand as they are holding their lunch in the other.

Let’s illustrate this with an example. Say you want to design a mobile app that is only going to be used by air travellers, and that too especially when they are at the airport. More often than not, such travellers are going to use one hand to pull the luggage, so your app must be designed in such a manner that its controls can be used effectively with just one hand.

Because they are used when there is an immediate need

Many of the utility apps are used when a user want to use them immediately. So, out of the all the apps on the device, the user has to choose the right app at the right time and that too in quick time. This is why immediacy is such an important part of context. The user has no time to lose and that is the reason why the app needs to be designed and developed in a way such that it can anticipate the needs of the user. These needs as mentioned earlier are not only based on the user’s location but also locomotion. The reason why apps that are developed around the ‘immediacy’ parameter are so important is that many a times it’s a particular event that triggers the use of an app. For e.g. a user might want to use an app offering airline information when he misses a flight or might want to use an app offering information about emergency services if he is involved in an accident and so on and so forth.

These are just three reasons why contextual development of mobile apps is so important. You can say that the success or failure of a particular mobile app rests on whether it has been developed with reference to certain contextual parameters or not. Companies offering mobile and web development services have begun focusing their attention on this important aspect to bring forth the best apps that meet all the needs and requirements of the user.
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Web Development

Web Portal Development Significantly Improves Business Productivity

Portal solutions such as task management and automated sales support systems have changed the way business is done today
A web portal is a highly beneficial access point to the web for individual as well as business users.  The information contained in a web content portal is categorized into links to topics such as news, business, finance, travel, sports and more.  The information contained in a content portal is categorized into links to topics such as news, business, finance, travel, sports and more.  Also initially used by the general public for purposes such as email, public forums, search engines, online shopping and more, web portals today provide a multitude of other functions.
With advances in technology, the usage of web portal software expanded to include interfaces for corporate databases, applications and many other business functions.  Termed as a business or enterprise portal, this development in online portal technology provides clients with user friendly, faster, easier access to products and services, as well as improved communication and response times.  Business web portals are becoming increasingly vital to organizations of all sizes.  Integrating this type of online portal application into your existing system has the power to significantly improve the productivity of your organization.

A business portal enables the integration of a number of functions in your website, including task management and workflow applications, search and navigation functions, content and data management systems, supply chain management systems, internal and external communication systems, automated sales support systems, ecommerce storefronts, notification systems, online forums, discussion boards and more.  A web portal will enable your employees and customers to be organized, streamlined and connected.  In addition, the management functions of businesses today are significantly aided by this technology.
Business portal software can provide users with instantaneous information that is individualized to the user's role.  The user's interface can be customized to feature commonly used shortcuts, personalized data, and a customized design.  It can also suggest additional information for the user, and allow the user to search for related information.  A web portal site for a business environment can facilitate and streamline many processes for your organization.    
Hostrings Corporation is an expert provider of architecture services for advanced web portal design, and allows you to lay down a foundation for a business driven approach to infrastructure architecture and management of IT related services.  The advanced portal architecture design services offered by Hostrings support you to manage increasingly complex service configurations.  The professionals at Hostrings will help you to understand the workings of these configurations, and plan a strategy to help you achieve your desired business goal.  Hostrings will lead you to accomplish your company’s goals faster with internationally accepted practices, proven methods, and expertise at designing the architecture of the portal.  Some of the major advantages of the portal architecture design developed by Hostrings are:

  • Improved productivity- the productivity of your system will increase with proper architecture, as you avoid going down technical paths that are useless.
  • Reduction in the technical risks- since the system architecture is designed in an appropriate way, it reduces the technical risks of overloading the system.
  • Better communication- a high standard architecture model enables you to communicate more effectively regarding crucial business issues.

Hostrings’s Enterprise Portal Development Services offer state of the art portal development starting from requirement definition to deployment and training. We closely work with our clients to identify their domain and business specific objectives, and streamline the project requirements. Our interactive development process allows our representatives to work closely with the client, enabling 100 percent custom project development according to the client’s business requirements.
Hostrings can improve any site, from a very small scale static website, up to a large corporate level website that needs to have proper architecture design to manage a big project.  Hostrings offers a vast range of services to accomplish web portal site development for businesses of all sizes.  SAAS centric portal by Hostrings will help your organization accomplish your goals efficiently and effectively. Ranging from information management to high-end web services, custom portals by Hostrings will help your organization fulfill your growth target.
Some of the solutions provided with Hostrings's strategic consulting for web portal development include:
  • Enterprise web strategy consulting
  • Requirement consulting and streamlining
  • Advanced web portal architecture design
  • Third-party web services consulting
  • Legacy business application assessment
  • Information architecture
  • Scalability solutions
  • Web portal database design
  • Web portal user interface consulting
  • Web portal administration, development and implementation consulting
If you are interested in finding out more about how Hostrings's portal development services can help improve the productivity of your business, please contact us today.

Web Solutions Simplified, More Effective Under One Roof

From ecommerce to hosting solutions, custom design to SQL database development; finding a firm that does it all well is tough, but worth it in the end.
Internet presence has become one of the most vital factors considered in the buying decisions of consumers, making it essential to the marketing plans of businesses of all sizes to establish and position their corporate identities online.  Achieving your company's goals for internet marketing and business can be made simple with the help of a comprehensive web solutions provider.  In order to gain a competitive edge and most effectively develop, maintain and market your website, it is wise to hire a professional firm offering a full range of services that can be tailored to your needs.  Otherwise, you will need to outsource and hire multiple freelancers to provide web site design solutions, web hosting solutions, web site marketing, and ecommerce solutions.  Saving you time and money, a comprehensive web solutions provider will also produce better results.

In order to choose a reliable firm that can evaluate your business requirements and provide the full range of custom web solutions to make the best use of your internet marketing and business potential, you need to know what to look for.  You need to know just what services are required to establish and operate an effective business website.  Just like with anything in life, it is easier to get what you want if you know what you are looking for.  Usually the way we figure out what we want in life is by trying things out.  However hiring a web solutions provider is not something you should do by trial and error.  The best way to go about it is to find out what options are available, and choose a firm that can deliver the broadest range of specialized services.  For those who are technically disinterested, the task may seem overwhelming.  But if you can spare a couple minutes to finish reading this article, you will have an easy checklist of what to look for.
Start by looking for a company with expertise in web hosting solutions, that also offers database support and application development.  Database support and application development services can help your business grow by leaps and bounds.  A content management system is a user-friendly application that allows you to manage and update your site with ease.  You will want to be sure the web host can provide a variety of applications, including content management systems, forums and ecommerce web solutions, just to name a few.

Speaking of ecommerce web solutions, this is what you should examine next.  With the increasing accessibility of the internet, and the upward trend in online shopping, ecommerce web site solutions are especially vital in today's marketplace.  You will want to make sure that the company knows how to design fully functional shopping carts that can be easily administered.  Find out if the company can provide complementary services, such as inventory management and systems integration.  These things are good to know, because it is especially wise to establish a relationship with a company that stays on the cutting edge of technology, and who can provide enhancements, support and maintenance over the long run.  This will save you time and money, and provide more effective results.  Besides, it is much simpler to work with a firm that is well versed in a multitude of web building solutions.
Once you have ensured that you are working with a web solutions firm that can provide all of the options for web development, you will want to explore the company's web site design solutions and web page solutions.  In addition to browsing samples of the company's design work and page enhancements, you should consider whether the company has any insight or knowledge about developing a successful corporate identity.  It is important that the designers will take the time to  understand your business before developing web design solutions for your site.  Assessing the creative potential of the designers also means ensuring that they will be open and flexible to your precise needs.

Finding a professional web solutions provider that offers all of the required services under one roof may seem difficult, but it doesn't have to be.  You won't actually have to look very far, because by choosing Hostrings Corporation, you will have access to the broadest range of development services, including Web Design Solutions, Ecommerce Website Solutions, Web-based System Consulting, Online Marketing, Corporate Graphic Design, Web-based Content Management Systems, Organic SEO and PPC Management.  The extended service area adds Portal Development Services, Advanced Web Application Development, Advanced Portal Architecture Design, Scalability Solutions, Advanced Web Portal Programming and Legacy Service Integrations, Multi-tier Web Applications, Multi-language/Multi-location Content Management System, and many other web solutions.
Hostrings Corporation is an internet business consulting agency that is passionate about creating innovative web solutions for end users.  Hostrings’s mission is to provide customized and usable solutions to the client, by maximizing the return on investment.  Hostrings’s business insight, years of experience, and unparalleled knowledge of cutting-edge web technology enables us to deliver sophisticated web solutions.  Hostrings is the affordable and professional choice for gaining greater recognition in today's highly competitive marketplace.

Be a Part of the Mobile Applications Boom

Mobile Applications offering a multitude of utilities are thriving in the marketplace today

Mobile applications have helped to expand the use of wireless technology immensely.  Applications have revolutionized the capabilities of the mobile phone, to include a variety of functions, including internet browsing, movie players, games, music and much more.  The dramatic increase in mobile application sales has also increased competition in the industry.  With ever changing technology and increased demand for more advanced applications, innovation in the field is key to success.
Mobile applications can increase the reach of your business, bringing more traffic to your website.  Mobile application software can also improve the productivity of businesses, providing applications such as spreadsheets, interactive calendars, calculators and more.  End-to-end mobile/wireless solutions can include content delivery systems for mobile devices that can publish a range of information valuable for businesses.  Mobile applications are available for endless uses, such as:
  • Managing everyday to-do lists and check lists for shopping, travel, and more
  • Delivering real time and instant information on topics such as weather, news, stock quotes, company headlines, market news, dictionaries and more
  • Translation services that convert the written word into the audible pronunciation
  • Business and Social Networking
  • Video Conferences
  • Organizing, saving and encrypting your various user names and passwords
  • Keeping track of monthly bills
  • Managing your checkbook and everyday financial transactions efficiently
  • Interactively obtaining medical and fitness information, and more
Mobile banking provides intelligent use of technology for the financial industry, as it reduces expenses for banks. Mobile banking applications are more cost effective than operating tele-banking facilities. Additionally, mobile banking improves the quality and timeliness of customer service. With the introduction of smart phones, the popularity of mobile banking services continues to increase. The smartphone market has shown itself to be so popular that it is recession resistant. Its enormous success has increased the popularity of applications designed for many uses, such as:
A mobile application developer can even create a unique, custom application for your business that is capable of becoming the next top application embraced by mobile users.  A professional mobile application software development firm specializing in developing applications for mobile and wireless devices can isolate components in an application that may impede development, and provide thorough testing and solutions.  Creating a cutting edge mobile phone application is within the reach of your organization, with the help of a firm that has expertise in mobile application development platforms such as:
  • iPhone Mobile Applications - Companies are developing iPhone applications that are being used by thousands of consumers varying from enterprise users to mass consumers.
  • Android Mobile Applications - Google Android offers popular software for mobile devices that consist of an operating system, middleware and key applications.
  • J2ME Mobile Applications - J2ME is a JAVA platform that creates powerful applications with the ability to process large amounts of information. 
  • Windows Mobile Applications - Development includes platforms such as windows mobile 2003, windows mobile 2003/SE, Windows mobile 5.0, Window mobile 6, Window mobile 6.1, Windows CE, Pocket PC 2002, 2003, and Net Compact Framework.
A mobile phone application must be user-friendly, useful and secure in order to attract a following and help ensure that the competition does not introduce its' own perfected version of your idea. A reputable web application development company that specializes in software application development can develop mobile applications to integrate your business transactions through mobile or wireless devices and content delivered systems. A mobile application developer with a solid background in project analysis, documentation, test planning, and project maintenance can help you on the way to your creating revolutionary mobile applications.
Hostrings Corporation has an expert team of developers with broad experience creating affordable, custom solutions in mobile application development.  Hostrings can provide the complete spectrum of mobile applications services, from primary design and architecture to development and integration into existing systems.  Hostrings can create a custom solution to your mobile applications needs, using all of the popular platforms such as Symbian, Windows Mobile Application, iPhone, J2ME and more.
Hostrings is an internet business consulting agency that is passionate about creating innovative  solutions for end users.  Hostrings’s mission is to provide customized and usable solutions to the client, by maximizing the return on investment.  Hostrings’s business insight, years of experience, and unparalleled expertise in the latest technology is capable of delivering sophisticated solutions.  Hostrings is the affordable and professional means for gaining greater recognition in today's highly competitive marketplace.
Hostrings provides a complete range of technology solutions, including Mobile Applications, Web Design Solutions, Ecommerce Website Solutions, Web-based System Consulting, Online Marketing, Corporate Graphic Design, Web-based Content Management Systems, Organic SEO and PPC Management and more.  The extended service area adds Portal Development Services, Advanced Web Application Development, Advanced Portal Architecture Design, Scalability Solutions, Advanced Web Portal Programming and Legacy Service Integrations, Multi-tier Web Applications, Multi-language/Multi-location Content Management Systems, and many other web solutions.


 SEO out sourcing & Freelance SEO Pakistan

I am here to help you if your website is not getting business from online search engine (Google & yahoo)
Do not lose the opportunity to grow your business online.
70% people searching on internet to find products and services just like you if your website still not visible in top 10 results.
80% people not going to see next page to find you because they already found some one else in top 10 which is more relevant what they searching for.
If you need your website, top 10 in search engine ranking google and yahoo.
You are in the right place.
Feel free to contact me just fill out the below form to get free quote.
I offer very affordable rate I can help you online no matter where you are.
When you going to select SEO consultant it is best for you check out his work before hiring.
I can show you my experience and successful SEO project.
SEO consultant
Irfan Noor
[email protected]

SEO Training Pakistan

Do you have website…?
With millions of web sites competing for viewers, how do you get the results you’re looking for ? when asked if they are marketing on the Internet, many people say’ “Yes we have a web sites” having a web site and marketing on the Internet are two very different things Yes usually and other electronic files that are publicly accessible across the internet. Your site should be designed to meet your online objectives and should be developed with your target market in mind. Internet marketing encompasses all the steps you take to reach your target market online, attract visitors to your web site encourage them to buy your products or services and make them want to come back for more.
Having a web site is great but it is meaningless if nobody knows about it just like having a brilliantly designed product brochure does you little good if it sits in your sales manager’s desk drawer a web site does you little good if your target market is not visiting it. It is the goal of this web sites (Search Engine Optimization)
Creating a site that is search engine friendly should be an objective of every company that wants to do business on the internet search engines are the most common way for internet surfers to search for something on the Net. In fact 85 percent of all people who use internet use search engines ( 65%, 30% and others 5%)
You want these chosen keywords in the keyword meta tags as well as in each pages description of meta tag some of the other places where you want to have these keywords are your domain and main title is very important.
Atl tags for graphics and your page headers.Many search engines place a lot of emphasis on the numbers and quality of links to a site to determine its ranking this means that the more websites you can get to link to your site the higher your site is shown in search engine results.

Outsourcing SEO Services

Software House Pakistan provides you outsourcing SEO consultancy services at affordable prices and ethical approach to optimize your website.
We have a team of professionals SEOs working for the last 4 years. Your website will get more visitors , good traffic and high ranking in Google and Yahoo organic search results.
After we have done SEO of your website Search engine optimization (SEO) website will bring more traffic and your business will grow.
Don’t waste time before your competitor will takeover your place in Google and Yahoo and MSN.
Without SEO your website is not really helping you in growing your business and not taking advantage of internet cutting edge technology sales whatever products and services you have. People are always using Google and Yahoo to find cheap and good quality products and services so take advantage of our outsourcing services, we have very competitive rates
We help you grow your business

Website Design

With the growing popularity of the Internet, websites are becoming a great means for organizations to promote and establish their brand. Websites can be used as a platform to communicate and interact with visitors and potential customers.

In addition to being visually appealing, websites that have an intuitive interface and navigation will go a long way in ensuring repeat visitors to the websites.

At Software Services PK, our team of graphics designers will help you fulfill your communication needs by providing you with well-conceived and planned websites that will ensure a rewarding experience for the site visitors. Every aspect of a website from the UI design and layout to site navigation, translating the designs to HTML, search engine optimization, compatibility with multiple browsers etc is all detailed out with great care to ensure the delivery of a successful website.

Together with our professional web design services that include strategy, marketing etc we offer a variety of powerful and interactive solutions to clients.

The world wide web is one of the most effective marketing tools that an organization can use to boost its marketing effectiveness. Websites, if appropriately designed can serve as a platform to communicate and interact with visitors and potential customers. Organizations have realized the potential of websites as a valuable brand building and communication tool.

At Software Services PK, our team of graphics designers will help you fulfill your communication needs by providing you with well-conceived and planned websites that ensure a rewarding experience for your visitors. We develop websites that are not only visually appealing but also have a user-friendly interface. A website having a user-friendly interface which is easily navigable helps reduce the bounce rate of visitors thereby helping the brand enjoy a higher share of a visitor's attention span.

Being a full service web design company we take care of every aspect of your website like layout, site navigation, user interface design, search engine optimization, compatibility with multiple browsers etc. Our service areas encompass every aspect of your internet needs be it website development, e- business development, online promotion etc.

Our USP lies in the fact that we offer customised solutions to fit your organizations requirements. Unlike other vendors we do not sell you on a cluster of services that you do not need. The solutions we offer are designed uniquely to suit your company's needs and budget. Our small size actually turns out to be an advantage as we can provide our clients with personalized service.

At Software Services PK we approach each project with great care to ensure the delivery of a successful website. Whether you require a simple redesign of your existing web site or you want a complete E-Commerce solution, our team of professionals can offer powerful and interactive solutions to your web based requirements

Inspirational video

Great motion graphics! This video is a great representation of Google Maps and Street view Software House Pakistan website designers pakistan are loving it!

windows tablet pc

Sftware House Pakistan is loving this new windows tablet pc to hit our office!! apnieyesp 12G is the greatest tablet PC to hit the market. bModo 12G is a dream for anyone wanting a multi-functional PC for work or play.  Its compact size and advanced technology using Windows 7 Home Premium means you can use it anywhere – at work, home or on the road.
Web-browsing and access to all forms of multimedia content including Adobe® Flash® is a doddle on this ingenious device with touch screen interface. The Apnieyesp 12G is equipped with Bluetooth connection and 3G WiFi so you can stay connected from anywhere, ensuring uninterrupted use of e-mail, video chat, RSS feeds, games, and social networking.  G-Sensor technology figures out how you hold your PC (portrait, landscape or upside down) and other features include an 11.6” screen (2” bigger than an iPad) and fully integrated virtual QWERTY keyboard.
Why carry around several devices for work and entertainment when Apnieyesp 12G is all you need.  Price: £660.00 P&P £10 UK. For more information, call 92 333 238 1098 or visit:


Imagination, meet implementation. HTML5 is the cornerstone of the W3C’s open web platform; a framework designed to support innovation and foster the full potential the web has to offer. Heralding this revolutionary collection of tools and standards, the HTML5 identity system provides the visual vocabulary to clearly classify and communicate our collective efforts.

WordPress on the iphone!

Just downloaded the word press app on the iPhone doing my first post of many !! Now I seriously will not have a life.
Another great tool for the top website design pakistan based companies!!

New site live!

Another great site from the greatest website design pakistan based company!!

What you can do with a bit of imagination!

Check this video, by clicking the below image – When you can enter beer / eats and drinks SO FUNNY!!!:


It’s not what you say, but how you say it that makes all the difference in business. Software House Pakistan’s Illustration Agency services are here to help you to create or adapt your images, graphics, artwork, photographs and other forms of illustration so that you can mesmerise your audience and enhance your corporate image. Cntact our web design Pakistan agency today!
Our team of experienced illustrators are skilled at making the most out of the imagery your organisation has to use to promote itself, its products and services, and are passionate about pushing their limits to achieve illustration perfection. Today there is no excuse for your company’s illustration to not be of the highest standard because digital technology has made the creation and manipulation of images so much more accessible.
Illustration is pivotal to warming potential customers to your business. The first thing someone will see is the image based message you are conveying, and it is the job of illustrators at a professional illustration agency like Software House Pakistan to ensure that the message you are conveying is clear, sharp and convincing.
We have provided our illustrators with some of the most advanced illustration tools available today to ensure that they have all they need to achieve truly stunning illustration results. Our illustration agency aims to make sure that your site stands out from the rest from an illustration standpoint. They know that to continue to be considered among the most sought after illustrators in pakistan they must work their illustration magic for every single client.
Of all the website designers Pakistan can boast, Software House Pakistan really knows how to coordinate its illustration skills with all the other elements of its web design agency, to bring you innovative illustration ideas that will help your business succeed. Our illustrators will ensure that your brand image is projected on a global scale, capturing the imaginations of your target market through great illustration like no other illustration agency can.
Our web design Pakistan office is well renowned for its illustration agency skills, but on top of illustration Software House Pakistan supplies numerous services – amongst them ecommerce platform development, print design, flash design, branding design, packaging design, online marketing and web applications.
Our web design company is proud of its diversity and through our work in the field of illustration we have proven time and time again that out illustration skills are second to none. Please contact one of our consultants today regarding our illustration services.

Web Design in Pakistan

Looking for a reliable web design Pakistan company, look no further!  Here at Software House Pakistan we have been providing web design to companies in Pakistan for many years and have been continuously delivering web design Pakistan services within the set timelines and have been in constant contact with its clients in their time of need. Our reliability is evident from the support services we have to offer.
We have been very successful in our work due to our competitiveness in price without compromising our quality of advice and design. Whilst working very closely with the client, Software House Pakistan are able to ensure that every step of the design process is completed to the clients’ requirements, without delay.
Why don’t you get in touch today by email us on [email protected] or calling 92 333 238 1098
Check our work by clicking here.

The £17million yacht that comes with its own supercar (but be quick, there are only going to be six of them)

Ok I love gadgets, fast cars etc but this has to be the ultimate boys toy! This yacht has it all click here to read more about what this beaut has to offer!

iPad UX needs consideration when it comes to Ecommerce design

Wow the iPad is available in the UK now, had a play and it is great BUT…….I can’t belive the iPad doesn’t support Flash!!! What a disaster for our Web Design Company!! Never mind we can still create amazing JPEG graphics -  Read this article for further information by clicking here

We love Magento!

Yes we do!
So why is it so good you may be asking? Magento is an open source ecommerce platform built on the ZEND framework which is the best PHP frame work available so from a perspective of stability having been built on that platform makes it work wonders!
Magento has many features which I could go on about for hours but I will summarise what I feel are very important to any ecommerce based company:
Profit report!! For every product you list you are able to enter the cost price so you can run a report at anytime calculating to the penny how much profit you are making. This is usually provided by your accountant but now you can do this at any time.
Easy management of orders this is key for businesses as the last thing you want is for it to be difficult to manage and process orders. There is a simple logic that Magento follows chart below explains:
For every state you can set statuses and you can filter these should you need to for example see all orders that are part shipped or pending payment for example.

Batch printing is another great one. Let’s say you have 100 orders in pending you need to print all the invoices in one go. Easy! Select the order status to filter those you need and press print a PDF is created containing all the invoices which you can send to print. If required the invoices can be formatted to paper with the sticky label you peel off and stick to the consignments.
So what else do we think is great?
  • Well we are developing a bespoke module that will follow customer’s trends and put in front of them things they like.
  • Wholesale customers & Standard Customer Accounts
  • Price Break Discounts
  • Static page control, basically means you can edit any of the website pages yourself
  • Flexible design implementation
  • Search keyword report and ability to define what they see per search term
  • Customer’s online watch who is shopping in real time
  • Sage pay module for those who send transactions in deferred state you are able to review the transaction details in the Magento admin and decide to release the transaction in the admin instead of having to login to sage pays control panel
  • Cheque or BACS payment modules
  • Products have a number of ways to be created in the admin and you can define sets as to how you want them to be and also in the order you want to fill the fields out
  • YouTube embed code.
  • Light box effect on images
  • SEO tools
  • Export of customers
  • Flexible shipping rate modules
Because this is an open source there is a massive community of users that contribute modules that are free to use and only require a fee for us to install and configure with your site. Many of the questions you may ask “can Magento do this” if not a standard module no doubt will be available as a contribution and if not we can develop it for you for a fee.
If your intrested in a qoute for a Magento E-commerce shop, get in touch today by our website designers london on 92 333 238 1098 or emailing us on [email protected]
See below some examples of shops we have produced in Magento.

Fountain Candles –

Spycatcheronline South Africa –

Studio Flash –

My Home Sweet Home –


How much does a website cost?

Do you want a regular or SUPER SIZE meal!
We often are asked this question, and in short it all comes down to what your requirements are. We are a bespoke web design london company and do not have set prices, every project is different, every client has different needs. So in order for us to cost up your project, please send us answers to these questions and anything else you feel is relevant:
  1. Do you have a logo designed or do you need this designed also?
  2. How many pages do you require?
  3. Do you have the content written? If not do you want us to help with writing the content?
  4. Do you have images? If not would do you need us to help you find them by searching image libraries for you?
  5. Do you want the facility to edit the website content yourself?
  6. Do you want a Blog?
  7. Do you need any bespoke programming developed?
  8. Do you want visitors to be able to search your content by using a search bar?
  9. Do you want to be listed high on google? If so what search terms are important to you?
So if you require a cost for your website,  give us as much information as possible and we will be as accurate as possible and break down the quote so you can see the work involved and decide what you want to go for.
Get in touch today 92 333 238 1098 or email us on [email protected]

Google TV has arrived! What next!!!

Forget the slingbox this is next level!!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The key to generating revenue on the internet is awareness – guaranteeing that your message is heard loud and clear by the people who want your goods and services. Software House Pakistan is adept at boosting online business visibility by revolutionising everything from the code and structure of your website to its content and the creation of those all important links – the four pillars of SEO.
Below are just some of the commercial benefits our SEO services can offer your business:
  1. Be found to be profitable. Search engines direct literally millions of potential customers in your sector every day, and the aim of SEO is to have them pointing towards your website. Whether we’re designing and developing your website from scratch or giving your site a makeover our SEO strategies are tantamount to a full-scale advertising campaign, ensuring that search spiders find you and push exactly the right kind of traffic in your direction: interested potential customers with money to spend.
  2. Reinforce your corporate brand. To have a high-ranking website in a search engine’s results page is synonymous with credibility, reliability and size in the eyes of the buying public – all essential to gaining a customers’ trust and therefore their business. Your website can not only achieve greater traffic and turnover from having a successfully optimised site, it can benefit from an explosion in brand exposure as well.
  3. A little effort for a lot of promotion. Many SEO campaigns start with a blast of effort and tail off, just like the results. Software House Pakistan are not interested in this flash-in-the-pan approach, we create strategies that will result in long-term business growth from a campaign that is designed to minimise your costs but maximise the impact on your audience.
Software House Pakistan can provide all the web site design, website development, copywriting, keyword research and link building expertise required to ensure that your SEO campaign is a resounding success. Whether you’re looking for one element from this list or a complete SEO solution for your online business, contact our web design london team today and discover how Software House Pakistan can make all the difference on 0333-2381098 or email us on [email protected]


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